Matt Ridley

Specialty Leasing Manager

This week, The Woodmont Company would like to Spotlight Matt Ridley, Specialty Leasing Manager at Eastland Mall in Ohio. Matt joined The Woodmont Company team in the fall of 2014, and has since become a vital part of our Eastland Mall business operations.


Matt’s intense work ethic and 15 years of mall business experience have certainly made a positive impact on the location. In fact, “there are 5 new tenants coming soon to Eastland, and a couple more that are in the process of securing space.”  Matt’s work with Eastland Mall is not limited to his job title. On top of his Specialty Leasing Manager role, Matt focuses on “marketing, holiday events, property partnerships and more!”


Although Matt works outside of the Fort Worth area, he still feels deeply connected with his colleagues at Woodmont corporate. When asked to highlight his favorite experience with the company, he mentioned the Woodmont Leasing Summit in Fort Worth, describing the event as “a great experience filled with the sharing of knowledge amongst colleagues.”


Matt winds down from his busy career by volunteering his time to work on his church’s website, keeping his social media sites up to date and watching the Ohio State Buckeyes!

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