Development Associate


Jennifer Chatman is the Development Associate for the Development Team.


In 1995, she worked with both Ridgmar Construction and The Woodmont Company in many aspects on both the construction side and the development associate side for four years.

In 1999, she moved to the east coast, where she became involved in the manufacturing industry of furniture, both domestic and international, for over 12 years.  This experience enabled her a vast knowledge of the retail industry, consumer needs, sales, demand and the ever-evolving changes that need to take place to make sure a company holds its high standards and placement in the industry – both on the company level and retail/consumer levels.  That knowledge carries over perfectly to the leadership position that The Woodmont Company holds in the commercial/retail industry.

Jennifer moved back to Texas in 2012 and was very excited to be welcomed back to The Woodmont Company in 2013 where she is involved in several aspects of the company, with main focus being in the construction and development segments of the company.

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