Brokerage Intern


Jack is a Brokerage Intern at The Woodmont Company. In Jack’s prior internship with XPO Logistics, he collaborated with Finance and HighRadius to test new software and contribute toward a successful implementation of financial analytics software. Additionally, through analysis of financial account reports and cash flow data, he helped identified over $830K in unidentified account payments.

Prior, Jack Interned with Clemson University and modernized reporting of the Watt Center door authorizations from paper to electronic media as well as improved the operating discipline of the Clemson University emergency response center.


Jack joins Woodmont having built a solid foundation of analytical, process discipline, and relationship building skillsets through his time working with XPO Logistics, Clemson University, and in serving as President of the Clemson Bionics Club.


Jack is currently a senior at Clemson University pursuing a degree in Operations Management through the school of business.

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